Modeling and Simulation Research on Lightning Over-voltage of 500kV Hydroelectric Station

Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science

Huang Wang-jun,

Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Vol 10, No 4: August 2012 , pp. 619-624


Lightning over-voltage amplitude of equipments on different branch nodes of the arterials has been obtained after the modeling and simulation analysis based on the EMTP (electromagnetic transients program) were done on the lightning over-voltage of a 500kV hydroelectric station was with the system’s worst working condition (single-line, single-transforming, and the line tower on the near side of 500kv hydroelectric station’s GIS was struck by lightning.) Thus, precise data have been acquired to select suitable equipments and verify the resisting lightning performance of the station. Finally, reasonable measures (such as reducing pulse resistance of line tower) are proposed to improve the comprehensive lightning resisting level of hydroelectric stations. DOI:

Publisher: Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science

Publish Date: 2012-07-08

Publish Year: 2012

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