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Computer Science and Information Technologies ISSN 2722-323X, e-ISSN 2722-3221 is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that publishes original research article, review papers, short communications that will have an immediate impact on the ongoing research in all areas of Computer Science/Informatics, Electronics, Communication and Information Technologies. Papers for publication in the journal are selected through rigorous peer review, to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability. The journal is published by Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) in collaboration with Intelektual Pustaka Media Utama (IPMU) and Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD). The journal is published four-monthly (March, July and November).

Priyanka Verma, Anjali Goyal, Yogita Gigras,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 1: May 2020 , pp. 1-12

Phishing is networked theft in which the main motive of phishers is to steal any person’s private information, its financial details like account number, credit card details, login information, payment mode information by creating and developing a fake page or a fake web site, which look completely authentic and genuine. Nowadays email phishing has become a big threat to all, and is increasing day by day. Moreover detection of phishing emails have been considered an important research issue as phishing emails have been increasing day by day. Various techniques have been introduced and applied to deal with such a big issue. The major objective of this research paper is giving a detailed description on the classification of phishing emails using the natural language processing concepts. Natural language processing (NLP) concepts have been applied for the classification of emails, along with that accuracy rate of various classifiers have been calculated. The paper is presented in four sections. An introduction about phishing its types, its history, statistics, life cycle, motivation for phishers and working of email phishing have been discussed in the first section. The second section covers various technologies of phishing- email phishing and also description of evaluation metrics. An overview of the various proposed solutions and work done by researchers in this field in form of literature review has been presented in the third section. The solution approach and the obtained results have been defined in the fourth section giving a detailed description about NLP concepts and working procedure.

Veera Boopathy E,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 1: May 2020 , pp. 13-16

This article has been retracted by the publisher. Notes: Notice of Retraction: After careful and considered review of the content of this paper by a duly constituted expert committee, this paper has been found to be in violation of IAES's Publication Principles. We hereby retract the content of this paper. Reasonable effort should be made to remove references to this paper. The presenting author of this paper has the option to appeal this decision by contacting ------------------------------------Traffic in urban areas is increasing day by day which leads to most critical issues of traffic management this paper proposes a smart and fully automatic traffic control system that will detect and control the congestion in real time, detect a stolen vehicle and also passes emergency vehicles smoothly with the use of passive RFID device. This effectively reduces travel delays and relieves congestion, it is necessary to control lane merge behaviors of freeway. Depending upon the count of vehicles green passage will be set dynamically and the proposed system provides special privileges for emergency vehicles like police vehicle, ambulance, VIP vehicles, etc.

Tanweer Alam, Abdulrahman A. Salem, Ahmad O. Alsharif, Abdulaziz M. Alhejaili,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 1: May 2020 , pp. 17-25

Home automation system is a system that controls by the smart device using a mobile application. It can control home appliances such as light, fans, air conditions, and smart security locks, etc. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology will be used to control things remotely.  Many people were thinking about that technology is taking a really huge part of our lives. It does! we’re living in a modern generation where smart and intelligent systems are necessary to be there wherever we are to make our lives easier and much better, for example, we can do many things faster, better, and more accurate.

Noureddine Maouhoub, Khalid Rais,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 1: May 2020 , pp. 26-31

Series resistance and mobility attenuation parameter are parasitic phenomena that limit the scaling of advanced MOSFETs. In this work, an iterative method is proposed to extract the series resistance and mobility degradation parameter in short channel MOSFETs. It also allows us to extract the surface roughness amplitude. The principle of this method is based on the exponential model of effective mobility and the least squares methods. From these, two analytical equations are obtained to determine the series resistance and the low field mobility as function of the mobility degradation. The mobility attenuation parameter is extracted using an iterative procedure to minimize the root means squared error (RMSE) value. The results obtained by this technique for a single short channel device have shown the good agreement with measurements data at strong inversion. 

Harya Gusdevi, Ade Setya P, Puji Handini Zulaeha,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 1: May 2020 , pp. 32-38

The conversion of kerosene use in household to gas, in addition to the decision of the Republic of Indonesia minister in relation to the movement of kerosene to gas, gas also given an affordable price, how to use it more effectively. But the public is also expected to be careful about how to use it, because the gas is explosive and leaking causing unpleasant odor (gas leak) even a more dangerous side effect is the explosion of gas cylinders. To evercome these problems then need a tool that can detect gas leakage, in order to prevent gas leakage early. Therefore the authors designed a device that can detect gas leakage by using Sensor Mq-2 and will issue sound gas alarm warning leak by Modul ISD 1760, and will stop the gas flow from the tube to the stove using a Solenoid Valve. There is also a Flame Sensor’s hardware to detect a fire if there is a spark emerging and spraying water into spots that are likely to spark fire. All hardware will be in if using ATMega 328 microcontroller. Monitoring can use android smartphone, with the application that can send a warning to the mobile phone.

Mohamed Maher Ben Ismail,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 2: July 2020 , pp. 84-92

Recently, deep learning has been coupled with notice-able advances in Natural Language Processing related research. In this work, we propose a general framework to detect verbal offense in social networks comments. We introduce a partitional CNN-LSTM architecture in order to automatically recognize verbal offense patterns in social network comments. Specifically, we use a partitional CNN along with a LSTM model to map the social network comments into two predefined classes. In particular, rather than considering a whole document/comments as input as performed using typical CNN, we partition the comments into parts in order to capture and weight the locally relevant information in each partition. The resulting local information is then sequentially exploited across partitions using LSTM for verbal offense detection. The combination of the partitional CNN and LSTM yields the integration of the local within comments information and the long distance correlation across comments. The proposed approach was assessed using real dataset, and the obtained results proved that our solution outperforms existing relevant solutions.

Merlin Florrence,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 2: July 2020 , pp. 47-53

Ontologies are emerging technology in building knowledge based information retrieval systems. It is used to conceptualize the information in human understandable manner. Knowledge based information retrieval are widely used in the domain like education, artificial intelligence, healthcare and so on. It is important to provide multilingual information of those domains to facilitate multilanguage users. In this paper, we propose a multilingual ontology (MOnto) methodology to develop multilingual ontology applications for education domain. New algorithms are proposed for merging and mapping multilingual ontologies.

Shrutika Khobragade, Rohini Bhosale, Rahul Jiwane,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 2: July 2020 , pp. 78-83

Cloud Computing makes immense use of internet to store a huge amount of data. Cloud computing provides high quality service with low cost and scalability with less requirement of hardware and software management. Security plays a vital role in cloud as data is handled by third party hence security is the biggest concern to matter. This proposed mechanism focuses on the security issues on the cloud. As the file is stored at a particular location which might get affected due to attack and will lost the data. So, in this proposed work instead of storing a complete file at a particular location, the file is divided into fragments and each fragment is stored at various locations. Fragments are more secured by providing the hash key to each fragment. This mechanism will not reveal all the information regarding a particular file even after successful attack. Here, the replication of fragments is also generated with strong authentication process using key generation. The auto update of a fragment or any file is also done here. The concept of auto update of filles is done where a file or a fragment can be updated online. Instead of downloading the whole file, a fragment can be downloaded to update. More time is saved using this methodology.

Sridhar Iyer,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 2: July 2020 , pp. 54-60

In the current work, for space division multiplexing based optical networks (SDM-b-OTNs), we investigate the performance of various switching methods with a variation in traffic evolution over different time frame periods. Initially, comparison of the existing methods viz., independent switching (InSw), frequency switching (FqSw), and space switching (SpSw) demonstrates that (i) over longer periods of time frame, FqSw provisions low network usage, and (ii) SpSw offers low network usage for shorter periods of time frame; however, as time frame increases to longer periods, SpSw starts to outperform InSw. Next, we investigate a hybrid switching (HySw) method which begins by implementing InSw and then shifts to the use of SpSw after the activation of specific numbers of space channels. The simulation results demonstrate that HySw provisions substantial savings on the costs incurred for switching, and with lower space channel values it also offers a balance in the trade-off which occurs between the costs associated for activating the space channels and that incurred for switching.

Arpita Shah, Narendra Patel,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 2: July 2020 , pp. 39-46

Of late Multitenant model with in-memory database has become prominent area for research. The paper has used advantages of multitenancy to reduce the cost for hardware, labor and make availability of storage by sharing database memory and file execution. The purpose of this paper is to give overview of proposed Supple architecture for implementing in memory database backend and multitenancy, applicable in public and private cloud settings. Backend in-memory database uses column-oriented approach with dictionary based compression technique. We used dedicated sample benchmark for the workload processing and also adopt the SLA penalty model. In particular, we present two approximation algorithms, multitenant placement (MTP) and best-fit greedy to show the quality of tenant placement. The experimental results show that multi-tenant placement (MTP) algorithm is scalable and efficient in comparison with best fit greedy algorithm over proposed architecture.

Merlin Florrence Joseph, Ravi Lourdusamy,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 2: July 2020 , pp. 61-77

Visualization is a technique of creating images, graphs or animations to share knowledge. Different kinds of visualization methods and tools are available to envision the data in an efficient way. The visualization tools and techniques enable the user to understand the knowledge in an easy manner. Nowadays most of the information is presented semantically which provides knowledge based retrieval of the information. Knowledge based visualization tools are required to visualize semantic concepts. This article analyses the existing semantic based visualization tools and plug-ins. The features and characteristics of these tools and plug-ins are analyzed and tabulated.

Laheeb M. Ibrahim, Maisirreem Atheeed Kamal, AbdulSattar A. Al-Alusi,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 3: November 2021 , pp. 103-112

Malware is a global risk rife designed to destroy computer systems without the owner's knowledge. It is still regarded as the most popular threat that attacks computer systems. Early recognition of unknown malware remains a problem. Swarm intelligence (SI), usually customer societies, communicate locally with their domain and with each other. Clients use very simple rules of behavior and the interactions between them lead to smart appearance, noticeable, individual behavior and optimized solution of problem and SI has been successfully applied in many fields, especially for malware ion tasks. SI also saves a considerable amount of time and enhances the precision of the malware recognition system. This paper introduces a malware recognition system for Hancitor malware using the gray wolf optimization algorithm (GWO) and artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC), which can effectively recognize Hancitor in networks.

Muhammad Raza Naqvi,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 3: November 2021 , pp. 158-168

Mostly communication now days is done through system on chip (SoC) models so, network on chip (NoC) architecture is most appropriate solution for better performance. However, one of major flaws in this architecture is power consumption. To gain high performance through this type of architecture it is necessary to confirm power consumption while designing this. Use of power should be diminished in every region of network chip architecture. Lasting power consumption can be lessened by reaching alterations in network routers and other devices used to form that network. This research mainly focusses on state-of-the-art methods for designing NoC architecture and techniques to reduce power consumption in those architectures like, network architecture, network links between nodes, network design, and routers.

Abhishek B., Kanya Krishi, Meghana M., Mohammed Daaniyaal, Anupama H. S.,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 3: November 2020 , pp. 116-120

Gesture recognition is an emerging topic in today’s technologies. The main focus of this is to recognize the human gestures using mathematical algorithms for human computer interaction. Only a few modes of Human-Computer Interaction exist, they are: through keyboard, mouse, touch screens etc. Each of these devices has their own limitations when it comes to adapting more versatile hardware in computers. Gesture recognition is one of the essential techniques to build user-friendly interfaces. Usually gestures can be originated from any bodily motion or state, but commonly originate from the face or hand. Gesture recognition enables users to interact with the devices without physically touching them. This paper describes how hand gestures are trained to perform certain actions like switching pages, scrolling up or down in a page.

Asep Sholahuddin, Dessy Novita, Deni Setiana,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 3: November 2020 , pp. 121-125

Someone who could only move his/her head and could not move his/her limbs needs a wheelchair and robotic arms which could be controlled by the head. Gyro sensor is a sensor that could be controlled according to the tilt in the x,y coordinates which then implemented to measure the tilt of the user’s head. This paper would explain the head detector application to control wheelchairs and robotic arms. They could be controlled using Arduino microcontroller which uses C programming language. Gyro sensor that is put on the head could control wheelchair to move left, right, forward and backward according to the tilt of the head. It is the same with controlling robotic arms. It could rotate left, right, and move up and down. The x and y coordinates are used to determine the tilt of the head for controlling the wheelchair as well as robotic arms’ movements. It is discovered that wheelchairs and robotic arms could be controlled by the head by the use of gyro sensor.

Enas Mohammed Hussein Saeed, Hayder Adnan Saleh, Enam Azez Khalel,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 3: November 2021 , pp. 121-131

Now mammography can be defined as the most reliable method for early breast cancer detection. The main goal of this study is to design a classifier model to help radiologists to provide a second view to diagnose mammograms. In the proposed system medium filter and binary image with a global threshold have been applied for removing the noise and small artifacts in the pre-processing stage. Secondly, in the segmentation phase, a hybrid bounding box and region growing (HBBRG) algorithm are utilizing to remove pectoral muscles, and then a geometric method has been applied to cut the largest possible square that can be obtained from a mammogram which represents the ROI. In the features extraction phase three method was used to prepare texture features to be a suitable introduction to the classification process are first order (statistical features), local binary patterns (LBP), and gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM), finally, SVM has been applied in two-level to classify mammogram images in the first level to normal or abnormal, and then the classification of abnormal once in the second level to the benign or malignant image. The system was tested on the MAIS the Mammogram image analysis Society (MIAS) database, in addition to the image from the Teaching Oncology Hospital, Medical City in Baghdad, where the results showed achieving an accuracy of 95.454% for the first level and 97.260% for the second level, also, the results of applying the proposed system to the MIAS database alone were achieving an accuracy of 93.105% for the first level and 94.59 for the second level.

Tanweer Alam,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 3: November 2020 , pp. 93-97

The idea of blockchains technology (BT) in the internet of things (IoT) is to allow the physical things to trust in the transactions held within the IoT network. The BT is a distributed, decentralized, publicly shared its digital ledger and secured technology to eternally record the transactions across the shared database. The BT in IoT can be called Trust Machine to eliminate the intermediates and enables the physical things to trust with each other. This research evaluates the performance of BT in IoT. The simulated results are tested and can be used in the sustainable development of the integration of BT and IoT.

Vahid Kaviani J, Parvin Ahmadi Doval Amiri, Farsad Zamani Brujeni, Nima Akhlaghi,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 3: November 2020 , pp. 98-105

This paper is a review of types of modification data attack based on computer systems and it explores the vulnerabilities and mitigations. Altering information is a kind of cyber-attack during which intruders interfere, catch, alter, take or erase critical data on the PCs and applications through using network exploit or by running malicious executable codes on victim's system. One of the most difficult and trendy areas in information security is to protect the sensitive information and secure devices from any kind of threats. Latest advancements in information technology in the field of information security reveal huge amount of budget funded for and spent on developing and addressing security threats to mitigate them. This helps in a variety of settings such as military, business, science, and entertainment. Considering all concerns, the security issues almost always come at first as the most critical concerns in the modern time. As a matter of fact, there is no ultimate security solution; although recent developments in security analysis are finding daily vulnerabilities, there are many motivations to spend billions of dollars to ensure there are vulnerabilities waiting for any kind of breach or exploit to penetrate into the systems and networks and achieve particular interests. In terms of modifying data and information, from old-fashioned attacks to recent cyber ones, all of the attacks are using the same signature: either controlling data streams to easily breach system protections or using non-control-data attack approaches. Both methods can damage applications which work on decision-making data, user input data, configuration data, or user identity data to a large extent. In this review paper, we have tried to express trends of vulnerabilities in the network protocols’ applications.

Wiwin Suwarningsih,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 3: November 2021 , pp. 132-146

The high incidence of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) in Indonesia requires an efficient healthcare solution to maintain human wellbeing. The e-health education model proposed in this paper is a virtual assistant in the form of an interactive question and answer system assistant virtual interactive question answering (AVIQA) with a natural language approach. AVIQA is a form of problem-solving approach to design some aspects of education and consultation in helping parents to recognize symptoms and dealing with several preventive actions for toddlers when exposed to Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. The technologies proposed for the development of AVIQA include (i) Representation of sentence meanings to build an URTI knowledge base; (ii) Design of dialogue models for interactive consultation using a combination between information state and frame base model and (iii) Development of IQA based on casebase reasoning and semantic role labelling. The purpose of developing this technology is to achieve a system that is capable of assisting the users especially mothers in searching for information, reducing user time compared to reading a document, and providing a good advice for finding the right answers, which then can be constructed from a management model prototype information for the education and independent consultation for users. The final result of this study is e-health education system based Indonesian natural language that has an ability in terms of health consultations especially health of children under five in acute respiratory infection disease. This system is expected to have a significant impact on the ability of a mother to recognize symptoms and deal with children attacked by URTI.

Selvamuthukumaran S., Ramkumar T., Shantharajah Shantharajah,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 3: November 2020 , pp. 126-134

Iris recognition is a promising biometric authentication approach and it is a very active topic in both research and realistic applications because the pattern of the human iris differs from person to person, even between twins. In this paper, an optimized iris normalization method for the conversion of segmented image into normalized form has been proposed. The existing methods are converting the Cartesian coordinates of the segmented image into polar coordinates. To get more accuracy, the proposed method is using an optimized rubber sheet model which converts the polar coordinates into spherical coordinates followed by localized histogram equalization. The experimental result shows the proposed method scores an encouraging performance with respect to accuracy.

E. Neelima, M.S. Prasad Babu,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 1, No 3: November 2020 , pp. 106-115

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is among the major health ailment issue leading to millions of deaths every year. In recent past, analyzing gene expression data, particularly using machine learning strategies to predict and classify the given unlabeled gene expression record is a generous research issue. Concerning this, a substantial requirement is feature optimization, which is since the overall genes observed in human body are closely 25000 and among them 636 are cardio vascular related genes. Hence, it complexes the process of training the machine learning models using these entire cardio vascular gene features. This manuscript uses bidirectional pooled variance strategy of ANOVA standard to select optimal features. Along the side to surpass the constraint observed in traditional classifiers, which is unstable accuracy at k-fold cross validation, this manuscript proposed a classification strategy that build upon the swarm intelligence technique called cuckoo search. The experimental study indicating that the number of optimal features those selected by proposed model is substantially low that compared to the other contemporary model that selects features using forward feature selection and classifies using SVM classifier (FFS and SVM). The experimental study evinced that the proposed model, which selects feature by bidirectional pooled variance estimation and classifies using proposed classification strategy that build on cuckoo search (BPVE and CS) outperformed the selected contemporary model (FFS and SVM).

Tariq M. Younes, Mohammad Alkhedher, Mohamad Al Khawaldeh, Jalal Nawash, Ibrahim Al-Abbas,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 3: November 2021 , pp. 113-120

Electrocardiogram (ECG) signals are normally affected by artifacts that require manual assessment or use of other reference signals. Currently, Cardiographs are used to achieve basic necessary heart rate monitoring in real conditions. This work aims to study and identify main ECG features, QRS complexes, as one of the steps of a comprehensive ECG signal analysis. The proposed algorithm suggested an automatic recognition of QRS complexes in ECG rhythm. This method is designed based on several filter structure composes low pass, difference and summation filters. The filtered signal is fed to an adaptive threshold function to detect QRS complexes. The algorithm was validated and results were checked with experimental data based on sensitivity test.

Rekha C, Krishnamurthy G. N.,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 1: March 2021 , pp. 16-25

In the field of cryptography, there has been a massive amount of enhancement in manipulating the plaintext which is unreadable, less prone to crackers and hackers, again manipulating this unreadable form to get back plaintext in some way. The Blowfish algorithm is a block cipher, has complex in structure in generating P-box and S-box entries using encryption algorithm. By simplifying the structure of encryption algorithm as well as F function with dynamic substitution, this can improve the performance by generating P-box and S-box entries of blowfish algorithm. In this paper, the proposed method simplifies the structure to produce P-box and S-box entries in order to reduce computational cost and demonstrates the performance of blowfish. The approach considers different security aspects namely EQ analysis, KS analysis, AV analysis, Entropy, Floating Frequency analysis and correlation of horizontally adjacent pixels in an encrypted image.

Dedy Hartama, Herman Mawengkang, Muhammad Zarlis, Rahmad Widia Sembiring,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 1: March 2021 , pp. 1-10

Evacuation is characterized by rapid movement of people in unsafe locations or disaster sites to safer locations. The traffic management strategy for commonly used evacuations is the use of Shoulder-Lane, contra-flowing traffic and gradual evacuation. Contra-flow has been commonly used in traffic management by changing traffic lanes during peak hours. To implement the contra-flow operation, there are two main problems that must be decided, namely Optimal contra-flow lane configuration problem (OCLCP) and optimal contra-flow scheduling. Within the OCSP there are two approaches that can be used: zone scheduling and flow scheduling. Problem of contra-flow and zone scheduling problem is basically an Emergence evacuation route planning (EERP) issue. This research will discuss EERP with contra-flow and zone scheduling which can guarantee the movement of people in disaster area to safe area in emergency situation.

Moe Moe Htay,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 1: March 2021 , pp. 26-32

Facial Expression is a significant role in affective computing and one of the non-verbal communication for human computer interaction. Automatic recognition of human affects has become more challenging and interesting problem in recent years. Facial expression is the significant features to recognize the human emotion in human daily life. Facial expression recognition system (FERS) can be developed for the application of human affect analysis, health care assessment, distance learning, driver fatigue detection and human computer interaction. Basically, there are three main components to recognize the human facial expression. They are face or face’s components detection, feature extraction of face image, classification of expression. The study proposed the methods of feature extraction and classification for FER.

Umashankar Ghugar, Jayaram Pradhan,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 1: March 2021 , pp. 33-42

From the last decade, a wireless sensor network (WSN) has a very important role over the networks. The primary features of WSN include satellite communication, broadcast channel, hostile environment, medical system and data gathering. There are a lot of attacks available in WSN.In wormhole attack scenario is brutal from other attacks, which is smoothly resolved in networks but tough to observe. This survey paper is an experiment to observing threats and also focuses on some different method to identify the wormhole attacks.

Rishabh Singh, Ghanendra Kumar, Chakresh Kumar,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 1: March 2021 , pp. 11-15

This project proposes the design of ultrafast communication circuit which can enable the high speed secured data transmission at 50 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s by the use of distributed Raman amplifier, erbium – doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), filter, single mode fiber along with fiber bragg grating (FBG) and attenuators. The simulation of the suggested optical circuit involves the use of parameters of Raman amplifier and EDFA and other components included in the optical structure. The design also includes the use of encryption and decryption techniques to ensure secured communication. Thus, realization of these circuits at 50 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s will enable the future optical communication applications for ultrafast data transmission to large distances.

Merlin Florrence,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 1: March 2021 , pp. 43-48

Natural language processing (NLP) is rapidly increasing in all domains of knowledge acquisition to facilitate different language user. It is required to develop knowledge based NLP systems to provide better results. Knowledge based systems can be implemented using ontologies where ontology is a collection of terms and concepts arranged taxonomically. The concepts that are visualized graphically are more understandable than in the text form.  In this research paper, new multilingual ontology visualization plug-in MLGrafViz is developed to visualize ontologies in different natural languages. This plug-in is developed for protégé ontology editor. This plug-in allows the user to translate and visualize the core ontology into 135 languages.

Avinash Krishnan Raghunath, Dimple Bharadwaj, M Prabhuram, Aju D,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 2: July 2021 , pp. 87-94

Cryptography is a technique to secure data transmissions and ensure confiden-tiality, authenticity and integrity of data exchanged over the digital networks by utilizing mathematical algorithms to transform the plain text (original message) to cipher text (encrypted message) using a key or seed value. The general con-sensus regarding the use of non-deterministic true random numbers (TRN) which are generated from the physical environment such as entropy keys, at-mospheric noise, etc., as a public or private key has received limited encour-agement due to the demanding hardware requirements needed to extract the necessary data from the environment. Therefore, this research aims at design-ing and developing a lightweight program to generate a true random number (TRNG) key using live audio recordings which is further randomized using system date and time. These TRNs can be used to replace the deterministic pseudo random number cryptographic keys that are presently used by indus-tries for a symmetric key encryption algorithm which devolves the algorithm to being conditionally secured. Using the audio based TRNG key would render the same encryption algorithm as unconditionally secured.

Abdelaaziz Benahmida, Noureddine Maouhoub, Hassan Sahsah,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 2: July 2021 , pp. 58-66

In this work, a numerical approach has been proposed to estimate the five single-diode circuit model physical parameters of photovoltaic generators from their experimental current-voltage characteristics. Linear least square method has been used to solve the system of three linear equations to express the shunt resistance, the saturation current and the photocurrent as a function of the series resistance and the ideality factor. Two key points have been used to solve the system of two nonlinear equations to extract values of series resistance and ideality factor. The advantage of the proposed method with respect of existing numerical techniques is that use only two key points of the experimental characteristic and need only two initial guesses and does not use any approximation. To evaluate the proposed method, three PV generators data have been used to compare the experimental and the theoretical curves. The application of the proposed method provides a good agreement with the experimental.

Zahra Pezeshki,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 2: July 2021 , pp. 49-57

This article describes the process of design and simulation of a high-swing fully differential telescopic operational amplifier (Op-Amp). Due to the common gate-common Source (CG and CS) cascode structure, the gain is very high. To maximize this gain, the load must also be selected such as two current sources. This circuit has the higher voltage in output than current Op-Amps in accordance with desirable characteristics. The loss of power of this operating amplifier are very low and in milliwatts. With use of a power supply of 1.8 V, it achieves a high-swing 1.2 V, a differential gain of 76.333 dB, and 50 dB CMRR. This new design through the simulations and analytically shows that the high-swing fully differential telescopic Op-Amp retains its high CMRR even at high frequencies.

Rahman Atiqur,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 2: July 2021 , pp. 95-102

This article is on the smart car parking system. In which we going to utilize the ultrasonic sensor to distinguish the vehicle and it will assist the proprietor with finding an advantageous parking spot. Parking spots are significant in city urban areas. In view of the expansion in a huge number of vehicles, the requirement for parking spots is a need, and henceforth an earnest needs to build up a system that can deal with these parking spots. To determine these necessities we build up a system to show the empty path in the parking spots. This includes a system that incorporates an ultrasonic sensor, raspberry pi 4, wifi-module, and a led show outside the vehicle parking entryway. Parking spots are observed by the staff of the concerned power. The paper incorporates the subtleties of parts that are utilized and about the working of this system. The paper likewise shows that our system's looking through an ideal opportunity to locate a free spot is more productive than some other existing system.

Filip Rak, Jozef Wiora,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 2: July 2021 , pp. 77-86

The growing popularity of ESP boards has led to the development of several programming platforms. They allow users to develop applications for ESP modules in different programming languages, such as C++, C, Lua, MicroPython, or using AT commands. Each of them is very specific and has different advantages. The programming style, efficiency, speed of execution, level of advancement, or memory usage will differ from one language to another. Users mostly base their choice depending on their programming skills and goals of the planned projects. The aim of this work is to determine, which language is the best suitable for a particular user for a particular type of project. We have described and compared the mentioned languages. We have prepared test tasks to indicate quantified values. There is no common rule because each of the languages is intended for a different kind of user. While one of the languages is slower but simpler in usage for a beginner, the other one requires broad knowledge but offers availability to develop very complex applications.

Rony Teguh, Hepryandi Usup,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 2: July 2021 , pp. 67-76

The groundwater level and weather patterns and climate conditions are several of the very significant factors which influence the quality of livelihood and the other activity of the tropical peatland environment. The current method of groundwater level and meteorological information aggregate build the use of certain expensive weather station devices, prominent to a lack of vast monitoring suitable to cost barriers and disturbance in some countries. In this research, we have developed and implemented a hardware module based on an Arduino microcontroller and mobile communication, which measures the groundwater level and meteorological data, including air temperature, air humidity, and soil temperature, and humidity, rainfall in peatland area. The data groundwater level is received by a specially developed application interface running on an internet of things (IoT) connected through a global mobile system (GSM) communication. In this work, our proposed system is a model system that can able to generate alerts based on the real-time groundwater level and data weather as potential peat fire in Indonesia. It provides online and data real-time monitoring. In this works, we have resulted in a system to monitor the groundwater level and data weather alert, condition mapping, and warn the people from its disastrous effects.

Kaneeka Vidanage, Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Rosmayati Mohemad, Zuriana Abu Bakar,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 2, No 3: November 2021 , pp. 147-157

Ontology sense-making or visual comprehension of the ontological schemata and structure are vital for cross-validation purposes of the ontology increment during the process of applied ontology construction. Also, it is important to query the ontology in order to verify the accuracy of the stored knowledge embeddings. This will boost the interactions between domain specialists and ontologists in applied ontology construction processes. Hence existing mechanisms have numerous of deficiencies (discussed in the paper), a new algorithm is proposed in this research to boost the efficiency of usage of tree-maps for effective ontology sense making. Proposed algorithm and prototype are quantitatively and qualitatively assessed for their accuracy and efficacy.

Ali Nahar, Mohammed A. Hussein,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 3, No 1: March 2022 , pp. 10-21

The orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)-4G and 5G filter technology suffer a drawback that represents the direction of the peak average to power ratio (PAPR) in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing due to the nonlinear nature of the transmitter. There are a lot of traditional and hybrid methods of these traditional methods to reduce the harmful high PAPR value. Newly, several new hybrid methods have been adopted to reduce PAPR but it faces an increasing level of computational complexity in the system. In this paper, two important and effective conventional methods for reducing PAPR are studied, analyzed, and investigated for the hybrid pathway which is the incorporation of selective mapping (SLM) method and partial transport sequencing (PTS) method, which achieve increased efficiency of PAPR reduction while computing the computational complexity of each method. The method depends and balances with computational complexity. The search is based on multi-carrier connections such as multi carrier-code division multiple access (MC-CDMA) and OFDM.

Jabbar Shatti Jahlool,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 3, No 1: March 2022 , pp. 22-30

There are multiple technologies used to remotely control electric appliances like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, global system for mobile (GSM), and dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF), but these technologies contain limitations, whether by coverage distance or by the number of devices that are controlled remotely. In this paper, these restrictions were overcome with the use of DTMF and digital latching devices, which doubles the number of remote-controlled electrical appliances compared to other research using the same intended technology DTMF. Using the proposed mechanism in this paper enables the users to effectively control several electric remote devices equal to the standard number of mobile keypad buttons, so in this way, can control 12 devices. This is via the mobile phone by sending commands in the form of analog tones through calling to auto-answer remote control panel phone (RCPP). An interesting feature of this research, each keypad key of the owner mobile (OM) using to control one remote electric device to switch it ON or OFF, so that the first pressing will cause to switch it ON and the second pressing caused to switching it OFF. This method is used instead of using two keypad keys, one for ON and the other for OFF. The proposed idea working is the same as manually switching but here remotely and electronically. This feature is achieved by using a D-latch digital circuit. The work is implemented and tested by using Proteus simulation program.

Kurada Verra Bhoga Vasantha Rayudu, Dhananjay Ramachandra Jahagirdar, Patri Srihari Rao,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 3, No 1: March 2022 , pp. 1-9

Nowadays low power design circuits are major important for data transmission and processing the information among various system designs. One of the major multipliers used for synchronizing the data transmission is the systolic array multiplier, low power designs are mostly used for increasing the performance and reducing the hardware complexity. Among all the mathematical operations, multiplier plays a major role where it processes more information and with the high complexity of circuit in the existing irreversible design. We develop a systolic array multiplier using reversible gates for low power appliances, faults and coverage of the reversible logic are calculated in this paper. To improvise more, we introduced a reversible logic gate and tested the reversible systolic array multiplier using the fault injection method of built-in self-test block observer (BILBO) in which all corner cases are covered which shows 97% coverage compared with existing designs. Finally, Xilinx ISE 14.7 was used for synthesis and simulation results and compared parameters with existing designs which prove more efficiency.

Tanweer Alam,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 3, No 1: March 2022 , pp. 31-38

Devices linked to the internet of things (IoT) may communicate with one another in several settings. Furthermore, rather of relying on an existing centralized system, users may develop their own network by using wireless capabilities. This kind of network is known as a wireless mobile ad hoc network. The mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) enables IoT devices to connect with one another in an unstructured networked environment. IoT devices may connect, establish linkages, and share data on a continuous basis. In this system, the cloud's purpose is to store and analyze data acquired from IoT devices. One of the most significant challenges in cloud computing has been identified as information security, and its resolution will result in an even bigger increase in cloud computing usage and popularity in the future. Finally, the goal of this project is to create a framework for facilitating communication between IoT devices in a Cloud and MANET context. Our major contribution is a ground-breaking research initiative that combines cloud computing with the MANET and connects the internet of things. This research might be used to the IoT in the future.

Preetham Aravamudu, Anoop Reddy Thattipalli, Aju Dennisan,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 3, No 1: March 2022

Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) is used as the main source of script in different groups of malwares, which generates the domain names of points and will further be used for command and control servers. The security measures usually identifies the malware but the domain name algorithms will be updating themselves in order to avoid the less efficient older security detection methods. The reason being the older detection methods does not use either the machine learning or deep learning algorithms to detect the DGAs. Thus, the impact of incorporating the machine learning and deep learning techniques to detect the DGA is well discussed. As a result, they can create a huge number of domains to avoid debar and henceforth, block the hackers and zombie systems with the older methods itself. The main purpose of this research work is to compare and analyse by implementing various machine learning algorithms that suits the respective dataset yielding better results. In this research paper, the obtained dataset is pre-processed and the respective data is processed by different machine learning algorithms such as Random forest, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Naive Bayes classifier, H20 AutoML, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Long Short Memory Neural Network (LSTM) for the classification. It is observed and understood that the LSTM provides a better classification efficiency of 98% and the H20 AutoML method giving the least efficiency of 75%.

Bạch Văn Nam,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 3, No 1: March 2022

This article presents a design solution to designing the operation monitor of battery of the generator in the base transceiver station. From solution design, the authors designed the hardware and software. The device allows communication and sends alarms to the BTS manager. Through the testing process, the system has met the requirements of the problem and is easily integrated into the base transceiver station (BTS).

Abhay Chaudhary, K R Batwada Batwada, Namita Mittal, Emmanuel S. Pilli,

Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol 3, No 1: March 2022

There is a vast collection of data for consumers due to tremendous development in digital marketing. Regular notification data allows different choices on ads and advertisement, as it applies to the operators. It involves a consumer and service data upgrade which is essential. For their ads or for consumers to validate nearby services which already are upgraded to the dataset systems, consumers are more concerned with the amount of data. Hence there is a void formed between the producer and the client. To fill that void, there is the need for a framework which can facilitate all the needs for query updating of the data. There has been work on MapReduce Informal Risk Allocation Review and Secondary Uncertainty System as well as Advertisement and selling Big Data Management services system. When data and user ads are increased in significant numbers, this leads to an improvement in service time, a significant advertisement network. MapReduce is a practical programming model for large scale text and data analysis. The conventional MapReduce seems to have a drawback that the whole source sample size should be mounted further into the database even before evaluation might occur. Sizeable latency can be implemented when the data collection is immense. The present systems have some shortcomings, such as the construction of an application is made more difficult by a vast number of information that each time lead to decision tree-based approach. The decision tree includes several layers so that it can be dynamic, overlapping, and the estimation complexity of the decision tree can be increased with more multiple classes. Grouping the same matched data in a different node or device by clustering with a large amount of information takes time and often raises costs. A systematic solution to the automated incorporation of data into an HDFS warehouse (Hadoop File System) includes a data hub server, a generic data charging mechanism and a metadata model that together tackle the reliability of data loading, data source heterogeneity and evolution of the data warehouse design. In our model framework, the database would be able to govern the data processing schema. In the future, as a variety of data is archived, the datalake will play a critical role in managing that data. To order to carry out a planned loading function, the setup files immense catalogue move the datahub server together to attach the miscellaneous details dynamically to its schemas.



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